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Shipping to Canada

We recently added Canada as a shipping destination to our shopping cart after having received quite a few requests to ship to Canada.

Canadian customers, please be aware that the first handful of orders may have issues as we work through any kinks that might exist the ordering and shipping process.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties placing an order or problems with receiving the order, and, as always, we will do our best to make everything right.


New blog

In the last few days we updated our news/blog page to use the WordPress software, which, in addition to being much nicer looking, provides organization by date, category, and a search function.  But the most useful feature is the ability to subscribe via RSS.  Now all of our posts (including availability of new parts, announcement of special offers, tips, history, and more) are available right to your email inbox or RSS reader.

It is also much easier for us to post new articles, so look for even more new and interesting content.


New Parts in the Works

We have just begun the process or getting a slew of new parts made, including the smallest vintage two-screw pan handle and handles for newer pots that are held on with a single rivet or screw through the metal spline (see below). Finally, we are investigating the feasibility of producing gaskets for the 1574 and 1576 4 and 6 quart pressure cookers.

New parts


Helping People

We started this business because of our own frustration of not being able to get replacement parts for older (and even newer) Revere Ware cookware. We thought perhaps there were others like ourselves that really wanted to keep their cookware going. But, it still surprises us sometimes the extent to which people really love their Revere Ware, like our customer Maggie who continued to use her pot even though the handles were mostly gone.
Stubs Stubs


We Made the First Page!

To compare Google vs the new Bing search engine, someone created a page (called Bingle) that shows the results from each side by side. To try it out, of course, we tried searching “revere ware.” We are happy to report that we’ve made the first page for BOTH search engines, landing in the 6th slot in Google and the 9th slot on Bing. Of course, results like this change daily.

Update: the Bingle site is no longer active

If you haven’t figured us out, we are all about preserving the Revere Ware heritage. Anything that helps get the word out is good. We appreciate any help getting the word out, as well as contributions to our information archive.