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Visual Glossary

(These are the cookware types as we use them in describing parts)

Pot or stock pot

Dutch Oven

The domed lid typically distinguished the Dutch oven from an ordinary post/stock pot.
dutch oven

Sauce pan


Square Skillet
square skillet

Saute pan
The sides perpendicular to the bottom distinguish a saute pan from a skillet.

Pressure Cooker
pressure cooker pressure cooker
Note the two types of pressure cooker above which differ in that one has a pressure guage and one has a simpler adjustment knob.

griddle griddle

Process Patent Stamp
process patent
General rule: All cookware with a process patent stamp is what we call vintage but some vintage has a slightly different version of the stamp shown above. Any cookware without the words process patent and the circle in the stamp above are not from the vintage era.