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Revere Ware lid with a hole

Reader Michael found this lid at a thrift store.

Note the hole.  I’ve never seen another Revere Ware lid with a hole like that; Michael found two.  Given that the holes were in different spots on each lid, and Revere Ware is not known to have put any holes in their lids, these were probably added by a previous owner.

The benefit of having a hole in the lid is it allows for pressure changes inside the pot when there is a boiling liquid, which keeps the lid from rattling on the pot.  Pretty useful, really.


Thrift stores are alive and well part 2

Last week we visited Big Bear, CA, and found a thrift store there that had lots of Revere Ware lids.  This week, it was Santa Maria, CA and a thrift store that had a nice 12 inch vintage skillet with lid for a whopping $4.99.

Thrift store finds are great, because they are generally cheaper than eBay, there is no shipping cost, they typically help a good cause, and the include the fun of the hunt.