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Archive | May, 2017

Our parts on eBay

It amazes us how many of our new parts make it on to eBay for resale, complete with all of our stock pictures and our product description verbatim from our website.  Since we don’t sell wholesale to others, we assume these are just parts that people have purchased and decided they no longer needed.  This must mean we are in the mainstream now.


The seasonal nature of Revere Ware parts sales

Here is a graph of our sales for every year since we started.

This cyclical pattern appears in almost every way we measure our business.

  • Sales on our website
  • Total site traffic
  • Sales on
  • Google Adwords impressions and clicks
  • Number of Revere Ware related items for sale on eBay.

In retail sales, this is exactly what one would call a seasonal sales cycle.  From peak (December-January) to trough (June-July) is about double the sales.

With respect to our little part of the retail world, I’ve often wondered why people are twice as interested in Revere Ware related items around the holidays then during the summer and fall.

I have no idea what percentage of our replacement parts are purchased as gifts, vs people buying them for themselves.

In any event, it is in interesting factoid around our business we thought we would share.



What 20,000 orders means

We reached a milestone yesterday, order number 20,000.

Since we started selling Revere Ware replacement parts, our business has shifted more and more to  While we still sell a fair amount through our own website, about 2/3 of our business now comes from selling our projects on

In all, through both channels (and a brief stint selling on eBay), we’ve fulfilled about 40,000 orders since we started selling back in 2009.  This may not sound like a lot relative to the e-commerce success stories you can read about in the news almost any day.  But for us, we like to think about having made 40,000 people able to continue to use their often decades old cookware, and that makes us happy.  After all, we started this business because we were looking for Revere Ware replacement parts and couldn’t find them.