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Archive | September, 2020

She’s a beauty

In terms of new-old-stock Revere Ware, it doesn’t really get any better than a brand new vintage era 8-cup percolator.

While the price may be a little steep, the rarity of items like this makes it worth it for someone that wants the new Revere Ware experience.



Rare replacement parts

This post serves to show that if you look, you may eventually find the replacement part you need.

If you have a 3-quart Revere Ware tea kettle, our cap is said to work by some customers, and you can have a trigger we designed 3D printed, but you are out of luck if you need a new handle.

Except today, as there are not one but two replacement handles for sale on eBay.


Colored handles – some are and some aren’t

In our periodic investigation of colored Bakelite handles, and whether they are really colored Bakelite or just painted, today’s eBay listings give some great examples.  Here is what appears to be a real colored Bakelite handle:

The fact that the box shows a colored handles is a pretty good indicator.

You can also look into the screw holes and see that the color appears to be through and through.

On the other hand, take a look at this white knob:


It clearly shows signs of being painted:

so I think the answer is, some are truly colored and some are painted. Whether painted by a Revere Ware owner or by Revere Ware itself, who knows.


60 years and counting

Reader Margaret reminds us why we keep selling Revere Ware replacement parts.

My 60 year old Dutch Oven. Use it all the time. For soups, pasta, roasts etc. Still in great shape.