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There is so much wrong here

There are quite a few listing of our parts on listed eBay by sketchy sellers, that are drop-shopped form our listings, when ordered.  We aren’t happy about this but eBay (and Amazon) don’t seem that interested in stopping it.  The downside is that people pay more than they have to and get zero support from the seller who knows nothing about the parts.  Returns can be difficult if they are allowed.

But this one I found today takes the cake:


So that’s one of our stock photos, and the listing text is straight off of our website.  But the price!  Can you believe that price?  Who is going to buy a replacement handle for that price?

Also note that the price is listed in Canadian dollars, but the item is shipping out of the UK.

I can’t pretend to understand in any way how this listing makes sense to anyone.


Anatomy of an eBay listing / used Revere Ware skillet

It’s worth taking a look at an eBay listing for a used Revere Ware piece to see what we can learn before we buy.  Take this skillet for instance.

When I see “unmarked” I immediately think two things – it is either a knock off, or it has been used enough that the copper layer has worn down past the stamp.

This piece, with the distinctive two screw handle and knob, is clearly not a knockoff.

So what about the bottom:

Definitely no stamp, so this piece has been used plenty, and some of the copper has worn off. It is probably still thicker than the post-1968 cookware, but still something to be aware of of you are prizing a piece like this for its thicker copper layer.

However, notice the wear pattern on the bottom:

The fact that the rim around the edge is showing some wear whereas  just inside of it is not, is indicative of a warping upward of the center of the pan.  Let’s look at the inside:

The way the light is reflecting, almost guarantees this skillet has a pretty significant warping upward in the center.  Probably not a great skillet if you value a flat bottom.  Here is an example of a skillet on eBay that looks to be much flatter, with little, if any, warping.

If you are buying a used piece on eBay, it may be worth asking the seller if the bottom is warped at all; if they say no, and it come warped, that gives you some recourse t0 return it.


Revere Ware mini set

This brand new Revere Ware mini set is probably the best Revere Ware toy set I’ve seen.

While the pieces are fairly small (you can see a 1 cup mark on one of the sauce pans), the pieces are fully functional, and everything is brand new.

Compare this to many of the Revere Ware toy sets which are very cheap aluminum look-a-likes, that can be used to actually cook (and are even smaller).

Believe it or not, these actually had a product designation from Revere Ware – the Miniature Revere Ware (500) line. Here is what the Photo Guide has to say about those:

If you are looking for a good Revere Ware play set, this is a good one.