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She’s a beauty

In terms of new-old-stock Revere Ware, it doesn’t really get any better than a brand new vintage era 8-cup percolator.

While the price may be a little steep, the rarity of items like this makes it worth it for someone that wants the new Revere Ware experience.



Colored handles – some are and some aren’t

In our periodic investigation of colored Bakelite handles, and whether they are really colored Bakelite or just painted, today’s eBay listings give some great examples.  Here is what appears to be a real colored Bakelite handle:

The fact that the box shows a colored handles is a pretty good indicator.

You can also look into the screw holes and see that the color appears to be through and through.

On the other hand, take a look at this white knob:


It clearly shows signs of being painted:

so I think the answer is, some are truly colored and some are painted. Whether painted by a Revere Ware owner or by Revere Ware itself, who knows.


Revere Ware find of the week – NIB tea kettle

I think the largest downside to the discontinuation of the production of new Revere Ware is the iconic tea kettle.  While the quality of Revere Ware suffered in the last 3 or 4 decades, new tea kettles hadn’t changed much in ways that made them less useful.  I’ve used both vintage era Revere Ware kettles and new ones, and they all functioned about the same for me.

But they can eventually fail, requiring replacement, and with no new production, that has become harder.  So it is notable when we see a reasonably priced replacement kettle, especially one that is new in the box (NIB), as this one, which has a starting bid + shipping of under $40, not far off the price they once were new, just a few years ago.


When Revere Ware began to lose its way

I came across this interesting egg poacher on eBay today.

Now that, to me, looks like they took a muffin tin and called it an egg poacher.  Compare that to the classic egg poacher they sold in the vintage era which is a very classic design.

The muffin tin one is part of the signature collection, which, according to our Photo Guide, was first produced in the 70’s, the period right after quality cookware produced during the vintage era ended.

To me, it is a good reminder of how Revere Ware changed course in a big way after which their products were never as good.



Nearly new Kettles on eBay

For the last 10 years or so, while Revere Ware copper bottom cookware was still being produced, tea kettles were the only product I recommended to anyone to buy new.  Unlike the rest of the copper bottom cookware, using less metal in the tea kettles (which I’m not even sure Revere Ware did) doesn’t really reduce their effectiveness.  Additionally, we’ve not heard of reliability issues with newer kettles vs older ones.

But now that Revere Ware is no longer producing any cookware, you can’t easily buy new kettles anymore.  So when a couple of pristine looking used kettles appear on eBay, we take notice.

Here are a pair listed by the same seller that don’t really look used, and are pretty reasonably priced.  My recollection is that a new kettle cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 when they were being produced in the last 5 years, so these two, at $49.86 shipped, aren’t that much more, especially when $10 of that is shipping.

So get yourself one of these great looking kettles (one and two).