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NOS square skillet on eBay

In terms of Revere Ware unicorns, it doesn’t get much better than a new-old-stock square skillet, and there is one on eBay right now  for a reasonably low starting bit of $99.99.

Square skillets are rare (there are only 3 total on eBay right now) and a new unused one even rarer to the point that, I think, this might be the only one I have ever seen.

If you are a Revere Ware aficionado, this might be the next essential piece for your vintage collection.


Wow wow wow! Buy this now!

You just do not see a price like this on a vintage era bale handle pot, rare as they are.  Even rarer, it has the bale handle Bakelite intact and in good shape.

If you ever thought you might want one of these, I urge you to buy it now!


Brand new vintage Revere Ware set on eBay (super rare)

Update: This sold for a very reasonable price in the end.

This is unheard of.  In over 10 years of watching Revere Ware items on eBay, I have never seen a set like this, only over the odd single new vintage piece.  And with a starting bid this low, it may be a real steal for someone.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this went for $500 or more in the end.  But even at that price, It would be a great deal.

There are some other good deals on sets on eBay right now, like these two (one and two); used, but in good condition, well rounded sets, and a good price.

What is up with that speckled handle?





Old style handle on eBay

I’ve mentioned a number of times in our blog posts that if you are patient, you can often find what you need on eBay; some things don’t come up often, but the eventually do.  The best way to keep informed is to create a saved search on eBay which will email you when there is a match.

The old style handles with the two screws close to the pot side of the handle is one example.  I do see a pair every 3-4 months on eBay.  One appeared in my search emails today.

If this is what you need go ahead and snap it up.  That is a very good price for a rare item.