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Revere Ware find of the week: shiny new 12 qt stock pot on eBay

While this large stock pot isn’t from the vintage era, in my opinion the thicker copper bottom isn’t quite as critical in the stock pots as they are more than likely to be used for liquid items where “spreading the heat” isn’t quite as important.  While there are fair number of stock pots larger than 8 quarts on eBay, the vast majority of them are 8 quarts or less.  And to find a brand new one in the 12 quart size .. I’m not sure I’ve seen one in this size and this condition before.

So if you want to add a nice shiny trophy pieced to your collection, this might be the one for you.  The price is not unreasonable for what it is.


Get a square skillet

The Revere Ware square skillet is one of the most iconic pieces they ever made in the vintage period.  Nothing exemplifies this more than this ad (a framed copy of which is hanging in our kitchen.)

They aren’t common and they aren’t inexpensive.  But if you are a serious collector, it is a must have item.

There are a couple of them on eBay right now with lids that should polish up nice; they are from the same seller in fact. (Click on the images below for the eBay links.)



Best of RevereWareParts blog – Using eBay searches to find rare items or get a deal

This post from January of 2018 is a good one as it outlines the value and mechanics of saves eBay searches.

I’ve got about 50 saves eBay searches personally.  For some rare collectible items, I’ve waited years to find what I was looking for.

I highly recommend using eBay saves searches to locate those hard-to-find items, or to wait for the deal of the century on more common items.


New old stock skillet egg poacher

You won’t find a better deal than this on a new old stock (an old item that has never been used) skillet with egg poacher inserts.  And it is a vintage era item to boot, with the thicker copper and stainless steel of the era.  Get it while you can!


Replacing a Revere Ware kettle

Revere Ware tea kettles have been off the market since 2018, when Corelle Inc. (now Corelle Instant Pot) discontinued the Revere Ware brand.

But, the market for used tea kettles is quite robust as the listings on eBay demonstrate.

(That’s our eBay Revere Ware listing helper site that categorizes all the Revere Ware listings on eBay for your convenience.)

There are over 1,200 listings for kettles on eBay, or about 8% of all Revere Ware listings there.

So if you need to replace your cherished Revere Ware kettle, pick up a used one; with such an abundance of listings, you can surely fine them for a reasonable price.


eBay: great deals on bale handle pots

These have always been a favorite of mine as they are iconic and handy; the bale handle makes it easy to pick them up off the stove and pour the contents out, like when straining spaghetti.  There are a couple of great deals on eBay right now (one and two).