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Archive | August, 2023

Wooden cookware handles?

I was looking to help someone find a generic replacement handle solution for a 90’s era Revere Ware pot, and did a search on Amazon.  Much to my surprise, they were a lot of results for wooden replacement handles and knobs.  I wonder what is driving the sudden foray into making replacement handles out of wood.

Granted, wood is a good insulator and some people have turned to wood to craft a bespoke replacement handle when he couldn’t find one.  But still, is this a trend being driven by something else?  Is there new cookware that is suddenly popular that has wooden handles and knobs?  I wonder.


Interesting percolator with some differences, possibly sales sample

Reader Adam sent us some pictures of an interesting percolator that has some differences from all of ours.  At first glance, it looks normal.

However, the handles were held on by brass rivets instead of a screw / nut.

On the inside, there is a grid of holes at the spout:

All of ours just have a larger hole at the bottom and a smaller hole at the top in that area.

Someone suggested it was a sales sample.




eBay Revere Ware deal of the week – bale handle pot

Bale handle pots are nice, and they are vintage era so good quality.  This one on eBay with a shipped price of just over $50 is an awesome deal for a relatively rare items like this.

Importantly, it has the bale handle Bakelite and it is in good shape.

Don’t be too concerned about the dark stained inside bottom.

That is almost certainly burnt hard water deposits.  A good soak pure vinegar, with intermittent heating and scrubbing will get ride of it, then follow with a polish with Bar Keepers Friend.



Revere made that?

I’m often surprised at some of the things that I find that Revere manufacturing made.  Like this lovely earring holder I came across on eBay:

Sure enough, Revere:

With a wife and three daughters in the house, I couldn’t resist.  Shhhh!  I’ll give it to one of them as a surprise.