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Archive | October, 2016

World Kitchen unwraps the new Revere Ware site

For a couple of months the URL has been shrouded in mystery, with the following message on the site:


They recently unveiled their new site.


They still offer the same limited selection of the classic copper bottom Revere Ware; that hasn’t changed.  They do now show a nice little history of the Revere brand (or perhaps we never noticed that before in their confusing and cluttered site with many brands).

All the hubub seems to be about two new lines they are offering (press release).  The two new lines are the Revere Copper Confidence Core Stainless Steel Cookware and the Revere Clean Pan Hard Anodized Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware.  Both lines include a new feature called Nest&Protect, which looks like this:


The hanging hooks for the handles can be hooked over the lower handle to keep the insides of the pots from touching, so as to prevent the outside of the top pot from scratching the inside of the pot it sites inside.

My immediate reaction on this feature is two-pronged:

  • For stainless steel cookware, this isn’t really a problem.  The insides of cookware are going to get scratched and dulled from the likes of acidic food and metal utensils.  And being able to use an abrasive scrubber, like a Scotch Brite pad, is very helpful at times.  I tend to prefer the inside of my cookware to have a uniform dull finish, which is how it always ends up.
  • I am imagining the hassle of always having to unhook those handles to get at the one at the bottom or in the center.

These two lines may be otherwise interesting, but I don’t think Nest&Protect would be a reason for me to buy them.

The other thing that comes to mind is World Kitchen’s long history of producing inferior cookware, opting to lower costs and wring profit by offering a very cheap product while capitalizing on any value left in storied brand names. For example, their picture above of the nested pan cutaways shows very very thin stainless steel on the sides, and, while the bottom does appear to be a bit thicker, I’m not seeing any actual copper in the copper core cookware.

So, I remain a skeptic as to the quality of the new lines.

I was personally hoping that they might improve and expand the classic Revere Ware line they offer, from the very low quality bar it currently meets and the very limited selection.