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Why we don’t have a customer service number


Every once in a while we get someone who is a little upset that we don’t have a customer service phone number.  I thought I would take this opportunity to explain why we don’t.

We tend to answer customer service emails within a few hours; often at night and on weekends; we often answer in minutes.  We provide copious amounts of help for things unrelated to our sales, just to be helpful to the Revere Ware community.

Our business is small by every measure.  We serve a very niche market, and provide our parts (and information) as much as a service to the dedicated Revere Ware enthusiasts, as we do because it is a viable business.

As small as we are, hiring someone to sit by the phone to wait for the occasional call (I would guess a few a week if we did have a number listed) is out of the question.  We simply can’t afford it.

That leaves a couple of options:

–> Have an office phone that us answered when someone happens to be in the office.  I can imagine that nothing can be more frustrating than having a customer service number when you need help, but not being able to reach someone.

–> Use a personal mobile phone for such support calls.  Who among us wants to give out their personal number, and risk getting calls at 3am from someone that happens to be in a different time zone?

Neither of these solutions are very satisfying.  So we choose not to list a customer service number, and just do the best job we can promptly and thoroughly answering support emails.

But perhaps the best reason not to offer customer service by phone is that it isn’t nearly as useful and efficient as email.  With email, you can send photos and screen shots. With email you can cut and paste exact error message.  Email is simply a much better medium for the kind of support our customers need.

We hope you understand.  You can contact us using our contact form.

2 Responses to Why we don’t have a customer service number

  1. M. lee May 10, 2019 at 9:51 am #

    I need a mailing address as I have written a letter that has been returned.

    • RevereWareParts May 10, 2019 at 10:18 am #

      At one time we did list our mailing address, and there is a story to why we don’t list our mailing address anymore. We had quite a few people send us old parts that we did not have replacements for, which caused us to incur postage to send back. We also had people sending us checks to order parts by mail, which we are unable to handle; our system only accepts orders from our website. It became enough of a problem that we decided to remove our mailing address from the website.

      However, if you do contact us using our contact form, you will see that the signature in our email reply does have our mailing address.

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