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Large griddle

The recommendations for handle size based on the measurements of your skillet are suggestions only.

To insure a proper fit, please check the the stated measurements for our parts against your existing handle. Specifically, check the measurements of the Bakelite part of the handle, the distance between the centers of the holes, and the size of the metal spline the handle goes on to insure a proper fit. The spline measurements and the distance between the holes are the most critical measurements to pay attention to.

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  • Lid knob

    Lid knob

    Material: Bakelite, brass

    Includes: Bakelite knob with brass screw insert.  A separate screw is NOT included as all Revere lids have a screw attached to them.

    Measurements: 1.7 in (43 mm) diameter, 0.75 in (19 mm) tall

    Fits: All Revere Ware lids, vintage era and newer that have a similar looking knob.  This knob may not fit Revere Ware lid styles that have a different looking knob.

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  • X-Large 2-screw pan handle

    X-Large 2-screw pan handle

    Material: Bakelite, stainless steel

    Includes: Two handle halves + hardware set

    Measurements: 5.7 in (145 mm) long, 3.7 in (95 mm) between holes on center.  Fits a metal spline approx 3/4 in tall.  See the full details for more information on determining the proper size handle, or download and print our sizing sheet on an 8 1/2 x 11 (letter size) sheet of paper.

    Fits: Vintage era 8 in pans, 10 in & 12 in skillets, 10 in square skillets, large griddles, and possibly others (definition of skillet, pan, etc. here).  These fit Revere Ware pans with handles that have two screws through the Bakelite.

    Please see the detailed information about this part to see any special considerations for this part and ways in which they differ from original Revere Ware parts.

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