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Archive | February, 2020

Issue with our email system at the moment (RESOLVED)

We have an issue that is preventing emails to be sent from our server.  This means that contact form emails are not making it through and order confirmation emails are not going out either.

Please bear with us as we fix the issue.

Update: This is now fixed an all emails that were supposed to be sent have gone out.

Just a reminder that we are a small business and technical issues sometimes do happen.


Revere Ware print advertising mats

I found these on eBay and, honestly, I have no idea exactly how they might be used.  The material is some sort of card board.  Here is what the front (proper text orientation) looks like:

And the underside looks like this:

That’s not a blurry picture, that’s what the underside looks like.  My guess is that these are proofs for advertising print plates for newspaper ads.  If anyone has any more information on exactly what these are or how they were used, please contact us.

If you look at the cookware pieces, you will notice that they are the pre-1968 era styles.



Revere Ware unicorn – 3 quart cap + trigger

Every once in a while our saved eBay searches hit on something rare, like this 3 quart tea kettle cap + trigger.  And in this case, 7 of them are available!

While customers have reported that our cap made for the 2 1/3 quart kettles will work on the 3 quart model, our trigger clearly doesn’t.  And while you can get a trigger 3D printed now in a suitable material, an original is much preferable.


0 and suspended listings

We sell about 2/3 of our parts via these days.  It seems to be the place that people go to look for things, and the low shipping cost is advantageous to customers.  But is not without its problems.

Competition: actually advertises with Google to steal business from our website to our products on their website.

Feedback: The feedback system on is just broken.  Happy customers rarely leave positive feedback but people with a bad experience often do, leading to a skewed feedback rating.

No-questions asked return policy:  People often use negative feedback to justify returns, in response to their own failure to check product details.  We see a lot of “it didn’t fit” which to us clearly means they didn’t bother to check the copious details we have for our products to avoid wrong purchases.

It is that last one that really gets us.  We get enough returns by people that just don’t bother to check the details that about once a month, one of our products on gets suspended due to and “abnormally high” return rate.  We then have to go through a rigamarole to get the listing activated again.

One time, we decided just to leave a couple of listings inactive for a while because they constantly had this problem.  Eventually, someone tried to hijack the relatively good ratings on the product by submitting changes to the listing name and description, and listing some totally unrelated product in its place.

And then there are the nightmare stories we’ve read about

  • suspends a seller account for some unknown reason they won’t disclose.  Game over.
  • Competitors will leave feedback that claims a product exploded on them, causing to suspend the listing indefinitely with no recourse.
  • People actually hijack entire seller accounts and then start listing far inferior products under the same listings.

So, even thought it might make sense to simply close sales on our own website, as our cost per shipped item is much higher than on, we keep it going as a stop-gap against issues with

You can help support the continuity of independent sellers like us by purchasing from our website, even thought it might cost a bit more due to higher shipping costs.



Revere Ware stories – Margaret

We received this note from Margaret in Canada a few weeks ago:

I am a Canadian.  Shortly before my marriage in 1958, I drove to the US in order to buy sheets and Revere Ware.  Sheets were better quality than Canadian, and Revere Ware was not available in Canada.
My Revere Ware pots are still in excellent condition, copper bottoms and all, and I just wanted it put on record how well they have lasted.

Thanks for the note Margaret. I’m not old enough to have bought them, or received them, new.  But I do remember my mother having a set (long gone) and my mother-in-law received a set, which we now have, as a wedding present.  And I own a pretty nice set now, all with new handles and hardware. :).

It is a nice reminder of how important Revere Ware has been in many people’s lives, and why it is important to carry on the tradition today.