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I ended up with some vintage Revere Ware in college getting some pots and pans on the cheap from a thrift store. Trying to figure out how to care for my Revere Ware, I came across Charlie’s great Revere Info Center (you can now find those pages in our History menu) and found out just what makes Revere Ware so special. It is a great product, way ahead of its time, that after many decades can still go head to head with some of the best cookware available today, at a fraction of the cost.

As I discovered more about Revere Ware and assembled my own collection, I became frustrated with trying to find replacement parts. Screws were rusted and would break, handles were faded and sometimes broken, and my pressure cooker gasket was flaky at best. Other than the occasional replacement handle listed on eBay, there was simply nothing out there. Partially to satisfy my own needs, but hoping that there were many more people out there with the same frustration and the lack of replacement parts, I set out to have them made.  It took a while to get the first batch made (learning curve and all) but now I am working on having even more parts made as the first ones proved to be quite popular.  I often get requests for more parts.

I run this business in a way that I would hope that every business I patronize would be run; I sell the parts at what I consider a reasonable price, I include all the necessary hardware for our parts (and don’t charge extra for them), and try to ship promptly.

As such, I strive to provide you with the best quality products and shoot for the highest standards in customer service.  But this business is an endeavor above and beyond my day job; I do occasionally make mistakes, or perhaps a particular part out of the thousands I’ve had made might be defective, or the Postal Service may decide to use one of the packages as a football. Just let me know if you have a problem and I’ll make it right.  Please give us the benefit of the doubt and contact us if you have a problem before you contact the media. 🙂

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Customer Comments

Thank you for your rapid service.

I will recommend you to my family & friends.

I will remember you for future orders.

Thanks again

I got my handles (thanks for the quick shipment), they were easy to install and work great.  Thanks again, I feel like I have a new pot!

Thanks for the Lid Knob.  Sorry only the mail man got the hug from my wife Judy.

Thank you so much for the advice. It was good of you to answer even though I won’t be buying anything from you.

Thank you for your quick response!

I just wanted to say “Thank You!” for the detailed response, and also for the work that you have done to get replacement parts and information out the for Revere Ware. You’ve been a fantastic resource (along with the links at your web site)

Thank you very much for the wonderful service!

Thank you.  You are doing us all a great service when we need old parts for our kitchen ware.

Thank you for stocking such a variety of Revere items. It’s green to repair!

Sure am glad to find these, you are a real lifesaver. Thanks.

I received the new gasket for vintage 4 qt Revere Ware pressure cooker in perfect condition. It looks really good. Thanks very much for having these made for those of us who love to restore, own, and use the old vintage cookware.

Thank you from me, my ancestors and my children for saving our heritage cookware, and preventing the disposable America.