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Archive | July, 2009

Revere Ware Warranty Replacement

Despite copious and prominent notes around our site to the contrary, people often mistakenly assume that we are the Revere Ware company and ask us for warranty replacement of their Revere Ware. We started making replacement parts because Revere Ware was no longer supporting the older cookware, or even the newer cookware, as evidenced by the lack of replacement parts listed on the official Revere Ware site.

However, they do still seem to support at least some replacement of products under the Revere Ware 25 year warranty as evidenced by this blog post, and others that we have seen. First check their warranty page to make sure your product is covered (hint, cookware is 25 years, tea kettles are one year), try contacting Revere Ware (aka World Kitchen) and ask for replacement. You can contact them online here or by phone at 1.800.999.3436.  I’ve tried to contact them via email and have rarely gotten a reply, so I recommend calling them.


Revere Ware Creativity

Customer Martin was frustrated that he couldn’t find a replacement handle for his pot so he made one out of wood.

“Attached find the picture of my 3/4 quart pot with the replacement handle that I fabricated out of a 3/4″ piece of oak. I traced the shape from the old handle and cut and sanded it to the same shape. I then primed and painted it with black gloss paint. Other than the bolt that shows, it looks and handles just like the original one.”

Wood handle pot

Wood handle