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Archive | October, 2013

Revere Ware Q&A: Is Revere Ware oven safe?

A customer asks:

I have an old revere were stock pot it is a six quart and I want to know if it is oven safe and to what temp.

At on point Revere Ware stated that their cookware with Bakelite handles was oven safe.  But at some point, perhaps in the 60’s or so, they stopped making this claim.  Our own testing (with original and our
replacement parts) shows that there is a temperature around or above 350 degrees or so where the Bakelite will break down and emit a horrible odor.  Trust us that this is not an odor you want in your house as it is hard to get rid of.

The problem is that even if an oven is set at 300 or 350, ovens often heat unevenly and some parts can get much hotter, which will break down the Bakelite.

We don’t recommend putting anything with Bakelite in the oven and our parts are not offered as oven safe.  It is also important to make sure that on gas stoves, the flame from the burners doesn’t lick over the edge of the pan and heat the handles.  In addition to getting hot, this can also break them down and emit the horrible odor.