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Purchasing our parts

Why don’t you accept orders by phone or US mail?

We are a small business and have tried to keep our costs reasonable as we grow and continue to offer a wider selection of parts. As as small business, we do not have the staffing to provide phone order service or the extra effort required to process orders by mail.

Why don’t you offer customer service by phone?

As a small business, we keep our costs low to be able to offer parts for sale as inexpensively as possible. As such, we do not have the staffing level necessary to offer customer service by phone and offer customer service only by email through our website. We do our best to answer questions promptly and usually do so within several hours.

Why don’t you store my credit card?

While some might consider it convenient if we stored your credit card information for easier ordering in the future, we consider the security of our customers data to be very important and therefore don’t store any credit card information in our database.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated in real-time depending on what you order, so it is difficult for us to specify exactly what shipping will be before an order is placed.

Generally, for one or two items shipping ranges from $2.50-$4.00 when shipped via USPS. If you want to know exactly what your shipping will be, you can assemble an order and see the exact shipping cost before you have to enter any payment information.

My order was incorrect

We strive to ship every order perfectly, but sometimes do make mistakes. If you received the wrong parts or parts were missing from your order, please contact us to let us know. We will get the proper parts shipped ASAP. We are committed to insuring that every order perfect and customer is satisfied.

I didn’t receive an order confirmation

Unfortunately people occasionally enter an incorrect email address when placing an order. An order placed with an incorrect email address will clealy not get you an order confirmation email. When we see an order confirmation email bounce back to us, we will try to correct the email address if an obvious misspelling is present (like instead of but beyond simple errors like that, we will have no idea what your correct email address is.

If you didn’t received a confirmation email and want to make sure your order was placed, please contact us (and enter your correct email address).

I am having trouble ordering from your website

People occasionally report problems with placing orders on our website. Unfortunately, it is often impossible for us to help because people simply say “I am having trouble ordering from your website” which doesn’t provide enough information for us to diagnose a problem.

If you are having a problem ordering from our website, please contact us and give us as much information as possible, such as exactly where in the ordering process the error occurred, what the exact error message you got was, and what you’ve tried to do to work around it.

Do I need to create an account to place an order?

Creating an account is optional. The benefit of creating an account is that your personal information including name and address, are saved in our system for future orders. Note however that we do not save payment information such as credit cards numbers, to better insure the safety of your sensitive information.

I payed using PayPal and didn’t receive an order confirmation

About 1 out of every 100 orders made using PayPal returns a failure status to our software even though the charge goes through. We have caught almost all of these problems by making sure every PayPal payment notification we get has an associated order notification with it, but we have missed a couple. If your PayPal payment did go through but you did not receive a order confirmation email, please don’t hesitate to contact us to investigate.

I received a defective part or it broke shortly after installing

We stand behind our products and will replaced defective parts. Please contact us BEFORE sending parts back for replacement as in some cases we will not require defective parts to be returned to us.

Damaged Cookware

The bottom of my cookware is warped. Can it be fixed?

Warping is typically caused by two things:

  • Overheating – heating a pot or pan for an extended period of time with nothing in it
  • Cooling too quickly – dousing a hot pan in cold water.

Unfortunately once a pot or pan has been warped, there is no way we are aware of that it can be fixed, and we’ve tried quite a few methods.

I overheated my cookware and now the inside is grey or iridescent looking

Heating cookware with nothing in it for an extended period of time should be avoided, as it can damage the copper coating or warp the pan.

If you somehow avoided warping your pan when you overheated it, the discoloration can easily be fixed.

A greyish dull coating is typically caused by minerals from hard water (if you were boiling water and boiled it dry) getting baked onto the stainless steel finish. The iridescent sheen on the stainless steel finish is due to the finish getting damaged. Luckily both of these can be reversed. The surface of stainless steel is self healing from exposure to heat and oxygen and once you remove the offending finish your cookware will be as good as new.

To repair the finish, first scrub the inside of the pot or pan with a Scotch Brite pad. Note that you should never use a Scotch Brite pad on the outside of your cookware as it will dull the stainless steel shine. As the inside of cookware gets naturally dull from use anyways, using a Scotch Brite pad will not change the already dulled look. After using a Scotch Brite pad, polish the inside of the cookware with Bar Keepers Friend cleaner, which will remove any of the discoloration remaining and help polish the stainless steel.

Overheating a stainless steel pan will not cause any ill health affects. While stainless steel does contain chromium, it is in a form, chromium III, that is harmless and is actually required by the body in trace amounts. The dangerous form of chromium made popular by the film Erin Brockovich is hexavalent chromium, or chromium six, and is unrelated to the chromium used to make stainless steel.

My Revere Ware cookware is pitted on the inside

Pitting on the bottom inside of your cookwar can happen for a number of reasons:

1. From cooking acidic foods such as tomatoes
2. From cleaning with oven cleaner
3. From contact with metal utensils

It is worth mentioning that you should never use oven cleaner to clean burned off food from your cookware as it has a pretty harsh affect on stainless steel, especially the polished outside and the copper bottom, and will likely cause pits.

The pits on the inside of your cookware may make food more likely to stick, but other than that shouldn’t be of concern, aren’t a health risk, and pose minimal risk to your cookware, as the finish on stainless steel is self-healing from exposure to heat and oxygen.

The screw on my lid/cover is stripped

If the screw permanently attached to your Revere Ware lid is stripped, even a new knob won’t stay on properly.

If the screw is stripped then you will likely have problems.

There are two ways you could fix this problem.

A simple fix would be to use some epoxy glue to hold the knob on, such as JB Weld (or anything heat safe).
A more permanent fix us to pull off the welded on screw (they actually don’t take that much force to remove), drill a hole in the lid, and use a separate screw that you can purchase from any hardware store. The entire process is demonstrated here.

My lid/cover knob came off but I don’t see any threads and it doesn’t look like a screw

Sometimes the metal insert inside the knob will rust to the screw, and when you attempt to remove the screw, the insert will come out of the knob and remain on the screw.

It usually just takes a pair of pliers and a little twisting to unscrew the insert from the screw so that you can screw on a new knob.

Product manuals

Where can I find product manuals?

Product manuals for older Revere Ware cookware are not readily available anywhere.  We continuallly look for and find new manuals and add them to our electronic manual collection (in pdf form), which we provide online for your convenience.

To find a product manual, if we have it, first start on the cookware specific page.  The pages listed there have additional information on specific cookware types or pieces that may be helpful.

If you can’t find it there, try the listing of all of our manuals.

We also have quite a few cookbooks specific to Revere Ware.

If you have a Revere Ware brochure, manual, cookbook, or other printed matter not on our site, we’d love to get a scan in pdf form to add to our site.  Please contact us for information on how to send us the files.

Replacement or new cookware

Where can I find Revere Ware cookware?

The Revere Ware brand was shuttered by the new owners Corelle Inc in 2018, so new cookware is no longer available.

The best places to find used Revere Ware cookware are your local thrift store and Ebay.

To help people find exactly what they are looking for on Ebay, we created a site that categorizes all Revere Ware auctions on Ebay:

Where can I purchase a Revere Ware replacement cover/lid?

As the Revere Ware brand was shuttered in 2018, newly manufactured lids are no longer sold.

The best places to find Revere Ware covers/lids (used) are your local thrift store and Ebay.

To help people find exactly what they are looking for on Ebay, we created a site that categorizes all Revere Ware auctions on Ebay, and you can find lids here.

Where can I find a Revere Ware store?

World Kitchen, who sold Revere Ware branded cookware from the 1980’s through 2018, did have factory outlets across the US. In 2018 they sold their business to Corelle Inc, which promptly shuttered the brand.  As far as we know, there are no more Revere Ware outlets in existence, and Corelle no longer offers any warranty support for Revere Ware cookware.

We are happy to help answer any questions you might have, and our replacement parts can help keep your older cookware working and looking good for years to come.

If you are looking for Revere Ware cookware to add to your collection, or replace a cherished but damaged piece, we can suggest eBay as a great place to buy Revere Ware pieces, with almost 14,000 Revere Ware listings as of May 2021.  You can use our handy site find what you are looking for on eBay; it neatly categorizes all the Revere Ware for sale there by type and size.

Replacement parts

I’m looking for a replacement part that you don’t list in your catalog

The owners of the Revere Ware brand stopped selling replacement parts sometime i the 1980’s, an since then parts have only been available sporadically as the older stock of replacement parts have been depleted.  For at least the last decade, no replacement parts have been available at all for any era of Revere Ware cookware.

In 2008, we were looking for replacement parts and could not find them.  Thinking it was a shame that no parts were available that that there were likely millions like us that wanted parts for their Revere Ware cookware, we started making and selling replacement parts.

We started with the parts we figured most likely to sell and since then have continued to have additional parts made.

What is listed in our catalog is everything that we have available at this time.  We welcome your suggestions for additional parts and your requests helps us know which additional parts will be in the highest demand.

I need parts for my tea kettle

We have not yet had parts for tea kettles made but will be looking into these in 2011.

If you are desperate for a solution now, we suggest buying one of the many tea kettles available on Ebay, perhaps one in overall poor shape but with good parts, to use as a donor for replacement parts.

You can find all current Ebay listings for Revere Ware kettles here.

I need parts for my pressure cooker

We have had gaskets made for three models of Revere Ware pressure cookers, the original 4-quart vintage model, and the 1574 and 1576 models produced in the 1970’s.

We often received requests for other parts, including over pressure plugs, lids, and gauges for the vintage 4-quart models, and weighted knobs for the 1574 and 1576 models.

It is unlikely we will every make parts other than the gaskets for these pressure cookers as other parts are much more complicated and beyond our capabilities.  Some alternatives are available for some of these parts, so please check the information pages linked above.

Your lid knob doesn’t fit my lid

While we have done our best to make our parts fit the 70+ years of Revere Ware cookware out there an the many slight variations in design, some parts are not compatible with 100% of the cookware.

For lid knobs in particular, about 1% of lids have a screw that is too short for the knob.  If you experience this problem, you can return the knob for a refund (either reply to your order confirmation email or use our contact form to request a return) or if you are a DIY type of person, you can modify the knob to make it work.

Simply sand down (best with a belt sander) the bottom of the knob about 1/8 inch so that the threaded portion inside will reach the screw.

Why don’t your lid knobs come with screws?

Revere Ware lids, as far as we know, have always had a screw permanently attached to the lid, making a separate screw unnecessary, and thus providing a screw with our knobs would be a waste for almost all of our customers.

We do occasionally get inquiries from puzzled customers wondering why our knobs don’t come with a screw. I suspect that there are either attempting to use our knobs on a non-Revere Ware lid, or, at some point the screw attached to the lid came off and someone modified the lid to work with an external screw. This does happen when the metal insert in a knob rusts to the screw and twisting it off with some force will break the screw off of the lid. If this happens to you, we have a tutorial on how to fix this.

If you need a screw to go along with you knob, you can pick up an 8/32 screw at any hardware store, best in brass or stainless steel. Look for one that has threads between .25 and .35 inches long. If you can’t find one in the proper length, you’ll need to cut it down to size.

I need parts for my percolator or drip coffee maker

The only part for percolators we supply is a replacement for the glass knob on the lid.

Other parts are not available and it is unlikely that we will make parts such as handles, baskets, and stems for percolators and drip coffee pots.

However, there are usually a considerable number of these available for sale on Ebay if you want to replace yours or purchase one to use as a donor for parts.

My lid doesn’t have a screw, but a stub

See our blog post for a more detailed description of this problem.

In short, what can often happen is that the metal insert inside the lid knob can rust to the screw and when you attempt to remove the knob, the insert stays on the screw, revealing a 1/4 inch stub rather than a screw.

The solution is to grab the insert with a pair of pliers and unscrew it.

Revere Ware warranty

My Revere Ware needs warranty replacement is a maker of replacement parts for Revere Ware cookware and is not affiliated with the Revere Ware brand or World Kitchen, the company that sells Revere Ware cookware today.

For warranty support for your Revere Ware cookware, please contact World Kitchen.

Their contact page can be found here and their warranty links are all listed at the bottom of their FAQ here.

Cleaning and Care

Can copper/stainless polish be used on silver, such as sterling silverware?

In short, no.

Silver is a much softer metal than copper or stainless and as such requires a much milder abrasive than is found in copper and stainless steel polish, which can withstand much more without scratching and require a harsher abrasive to attain a polish.

Stick to a polish specifically made for silver.

Is Revere Ware cookware safe for oven use?

We don’t recommend using any cookware with Bakelite parts in the oven. While Revere did initially claim that their cookware was oven safe to a temperature of 350 F, in later years they revised their recommendation to not use Bakelite parts in the oven. The change is probably due to the fact that earlier ovens were gas fired from the bottom and tended to heat evenly where newer ovens (electric) can heat from a broil burner and areas of the oven (near the top) can easily exceed the safe temperature for Bakelite (350 degrees F) even with the oven temperature set to below 350.

Cookware without any Bakelite parts does not have this limitation.


Can I use copper bottom Revere Ware on a flat-top stove? Will the copper melt?

Some people have expressed concern about the copper on copper bottom pans melting onto flat-top stoves.

From a purely physical perspective, this seems unlikely, as the melting point of copper is about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and if a stove got that hot, you would have bigger problems than your cookware melting.

However, searching the Internet brings up plenty of examples of people complaining of just that.

This tip for glass cooktops might explain what is happening:

“If using copper cookware, make sure that there is no tarnish on the bottom of the pan, otherwise it will stain the cooktop.”

I have seen copper flake off on a gas stove when I was deliberately trying to overheat a pan for a test.

It is possible that even a slight amount of tarnish could come off and stick to the stove top.

Additionally, Revere Ware can be problematic on flat-top stoves as they are prone to warping from misuse, such as if they are overheated or put under cold water when hot.  Even a slight warp can make them unsuitable for flat-top stoves.

I would say the risks outweigh the benefits of using Revere Ware copper bottom pans on a flat-top stove.

However, there is one type of Revere Ware that we like a lot that would be better for flat-top stoves:  Tri-Ply.

This type has an aluminum core on the bottom sandwiched between stainless steel and works very well at spreading out the heat, like the copper bottom does, and will be less likely to warp.  You can probably buy a set for a mere fraction of what you might pay for All-Clad, which uses the same technology although throughout the entire pot, not just on the bottom.

There is a fair amount of Revere Ware Tri-Ply cookware available on Ebay.