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Happy New Year Revere Ware!

Whatever you think of 2023, it was a good year for Revere Ware.  For starters, if our sales are any indication, interest in the brand is still as strong as ever; we came close to matching our pandemic sales high in 2023.  And the number of listings on eBay is still very high.

And, the Revere Ware brand has a new owner, someone that may actually care about it.

Perhaps I’ll even add some additional replacement parts this year.

I predict it will be a good year for Revere Ware.


Revere Ware brand acquired by Full Sail IP Partners

The Revere Ware brand has been acquired from Instant Brands by Full Sail IP Partners, an intellectual property firm. They say:
Revere Ware is a classic American brand with a strong heritage of quality and innovation. We believe Revere Ware has the potential to be a leading player in the cookware market once again and are confident that Full Sail IP Partners is the right partner to help Revere Ware achieve its full potential.
Sounds promising They also say:
Full Sail IP Partners plans to build the Revere Ware brand and expand its product line at retail by cultivating strategic licensing partnerships not only in cookware but also in other complementary areas such as bakeware, flatware, dinnerware, kitchen gadgets and others that align with Revere Ware’s brand equity. The company also plans to launch a new website and social media presence for the brand.

The Revere Ware name was milked for all its brand value for several decades before the cookware was discontinued in 2018, so color me skeptical that this won’t turn out to be more of that.  But on the other hand, I welcome anything that keeps the brand going.

I searched the Instant Brands bankruptcy for information on the sale of the Revere Ware brand, but was unable to find anything.  It appears they sold substantially all of the cookware products division assets in late September / early October to a holding company set up to purchase the assets.  I’m guessing that this holding company has sold off the Revere Ware brand rights to Full Sail OP Partners.