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Revere Ware Recipes & Related Information

Revere's Gift

Revere’s Gift to America’s Kitchens 1940

An early pamplet espousing the virtues of Revere Ware cookware. Contains a few recipes.

Better Cooking

Revere’s Guide to Better Cooking (1941)

An updated version of the above pamplet.

Revere Ware recipes Revere Ware Recipes (undated)
Famous Chef Cookbook

The Famous (Revere) Chef Cookbook (1955)

This is an awesome 300 page cookbook.

Meal-n-minutes recipe book Meal’n Minutes electric pressure cooker recipe book (undated)
Meal-n-Minutes manual Revere recipe book Favorite Recipes from Faraway Places (undated)
Now your cooking

Corning & Revere Factory Store – Outlets, Now Your Cookin (undated)

What could be more Revere Ware than a cookbook written by the employees of the Corning/Revere factory store! There is no date but our guess would be early to mid 1980’s.

Secrets to Gourmet Cooking

Revere Ware Secrets to Gourmet Cooking (1973)