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Archive | February, 2021

Revere Ware brochure from the early days – 1943

I’m always looking for things like brochures to help fill out the Revere Ware information we have an we present here.  An early brochure | price list from 1943 appeared recently and I snapped it up.  You can see all the early styles they have in those first few years of Revere Ware, and how they differ from the style the dominated much of the vintage era, through 1968.

You can find the entire catalog here.  There are some really interesting pieces in there.  The thin lipped skilled for example, with pouring spout.

I happen to have one of these.  The sauce pot with strainer basket is something I hadn’t seen before either; they called it a French fryer.

The double boiler had Bakelite handles, and came in two sizes, 1 1/2 quart and 2 quart, that went with the 2 and 3 quart sauce pans.


There is also the deep well cooker we’ve talked about before.

Interestingly what I’ve always heard referred to as the bale handled pot, they call a preserving kettle.

In 1961 they called it a bale handle kettle.

The percolator looks distinctly different from those of later years, with what appears to be a glass knob that looks much like the Bakelite ones.

Here is one from 1953.

I’ll bet the knob proved too fragile like that so they redesigned it.  Lastly, I just love this kettle design.


Warranty on a Revere Ware refrigerator magnet?

My mother has had a Revere Ware skillet refrigerator magnet for years and when I started this business, I wanted one too. I dutifully found on on eBay and it has adorned our house ever since.

So when I came across a Revere Ware tea kettle magnet recently on eBay, I got a little excited.

25 year warranty?  Here is the back of that product card.

Wow, seems legitimate.  That’s the first warranty I’ve ever heard of on a refrigerator magnet.  25 years no less.

I suppose putting the warranty on there was good advertising, and very few were likely to actually try to make good on that claim.


Broken or ….

My 7 year old daughter likes to play a game called Broken or Not Broken, where she holds a stick, board, french fry, or other object and has us guess whether it is whole or not.  This eBay listing feels like a version of that game.

Well, is it or isn’t it a broken frying pan handle?  A close up of the handle seems to indicate it might not be broken.

It seems rather odd that the seller didn’t include a picture that shows the handle actually on the pan, and no mention of its removability in the listing itself.


Revere Ware is dead, part 2

We’ve reported previously on the abandonment of the Revere Ware brand in 2018 by the new owners Corelle Inc.  Today we discovered it goes further than just discontinuing the production and sales of the product.

We received an email from that one of our listings was closed due to a suspected trademark violation.

We have removed ASINs that can be found in the Suspected Intellectual Property Violations tab of your Account Health, under the Reason “Potential Trademark Text Misuse”.

That made me look to see what trademarks actually exist for Revere Ware, and I found this:

Wow, all trademarks are dead.  That is actually surprising, as it says that no-one actually sees any remaining value in the Revere Ware brand.

Many of them were cancelled in 2002, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2016, and the last one was dropped in 2019.  Seems like the brand has been dying for some time.

The issue with appears to be them thinking we don’t have the right to sell under the brand

The brand mentioned in the product detail page of the ASIN B001U2E1DY seems to be incorrect.

Hmm.  Well hopefully this page placed on our website is proof enough to them that we own the brand.

Update: Turns out what they objected to was this product listing title:

Revere Ware Pan/skillet 2-screw Handle Replacement Hardware Set (Med, Lg, X-lg Handles) (Two Sets)

They claim that Lg (which is shorthand for Large) infringes on the brand LG.  Just how to you respond to that kind of silliness?



Revere Ware Neptune line

Sometimes people contact us with a question but mistype their email address, so they never get the answer. This happened recently with Reader Tina’s question about her mother’s Revere Ware set.  Hopefully she finds the answer here.  She asks:

I am still using my mom’s copper bottom pans. They have Pictures of seahorses on the handles. I am interested in knowing how popular these were and what is the oldest known pans still in use today. Mine have been well used and loved. Most of the pictures are worn off. The knob came off the top of one of them a few years ago but other than that they still do what they were made for! I don’t know how long my mom had them but i would say this is a testimony to the quality!
You have the Neptune line, produced from 1967 through 1970.  Here is the blurb on that from our Photo Guide:

Given the limited production, I don’t believe there were huge numbers of them sold.  As a relative comparison, if I search “Revere Neptune” on eBay, I get 24 results, vs about 8,000 for ‘Revere Ware”, most of which is the iconic copper bottom stuff that was first produced in 1939 and produced through 2018, when it was discontinued.

Lost and lots of Revere Ware on eBay!

Our site that takes all the listings from eBay and classifies them to help you easily find anything Revere Ware related, is a labor of love and often requires coaxing to work properly.  Slight changes to the HTML structure of the eBay listing pages can break things.   Over the years we’ve had several occasions where the count we show on the home page broke and we weren’t collecting the total number of listings for a matter of weeks or months.

But despite the occasional inaccuracies, the overall trend is clear, especially as of late.

The climb in total Revere Ware related listings has been astounding, more than doubling to 8500 since October of last year.

Now more than ever, you can probably find what you are looking for Revere Ware-wise on eBay.



Mixing bowl-a-rama

We get a lot of request for the Revere Ware mixing bowl plastic covers.  There are some seemingly suitable alternatives, but no real replacement for the originals.  So it might interest some readers to know that there are some new sets of bowls and lids available on eBay, three to be exact. Click on the images below to go to the auctions.