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It’s our birthday – 10 years of replacement parts

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10 years ago today, we listed our first set of Revere Ware replacement parts for sale. Prior to the availability of our parts, there was a 20 year period where new parts were not available at all, as Revere Ware stopped selling any replacement parts in 1989, after being bought by Corning in 1988 (more company history here).

Prior to our parts, the only option for someone looking for the like new look, or to fix a piece that was no longer functional, was a complicated Bakelite refurbishment process that involved repeated sanding with progressively finer sandpaper; very labor intensive, and expensive.

So wish us a happy 10th birthday, and enjoy your Revere Ware for another few decades.

One Response to It’s our birthday – 10 years of replacement parts

  1. Mark Scott May 9, 2019 at 7:47 pm #

    I inherited my Grandma’s Revere Ware about 40 years ago and have added numerous other pieces since then. This cookware is as efficient, elegant and rugged as anything on the market today.
    I have purchased PC gaskets and pot handles from your company and greatly appreciate the service you supply to us die hard “copper bottom” pot and pan users.

    ????Happy Birthday Revere Ware Parts company! ????

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