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Archive | May, 2021

Revere Ware waterless cooking

Revere Ware did some big advertising on their “waterless” cooking method in the 40’s

That’s a nice plug, but it doesn’t really tell us how it works.

Waterless cooking relies on the (higher) water content of certain foods, a low heat setting, and a tight fitting lid to keep the steam generated from escaping, creating a slight pressure inside the pot.  The hot steam helps cook the food faster, but with a low bottom temperature which keeps the food from burning.

So why is waterless cooking better?  For a number of reasons.

  • No boiling means no nutrients lost to the boil water.
  • Low heat means you are using less energy / natural gas to cook
  • You don’t have to add fat for cooking (although recent attitudes on fat have relaxed a little)
  • It supposedly reduces cooking time

I haven’t heard much about waterless cooking in recent times, and not in respect to Revere Ware, which seems to have been one brand that made the practice popular. I’ve never tried it myself.

Before waterless cooking, pressure cooking was a popular way to accomplish much the same thing.  I can’t help but think that today’s Instant Pot is a great way of achieving the same benefits as waterless cooking.  My wife sure loves our instant pot, and uses it almost every day.

But I’ll have to try the waterless way one of these days.


This is what a good deal on used Revere Ware looks like

At $99 Buy-it-Now price, with free shipping, for a 6 quart pot, 1 1/2 quart sauce pan, and 1 quart sauce pan, all from the vintage era, this lot is very reasonably priced.

Sure, they don’t have lids, but those are easy enough to come by, and if you already have a Revere Ware collection, you probably have lids that will fit.


The Revere Ware vintage pressure cooker dual pouring lip

We recently came across this Revere Ware brochure from sometime in the early to mid 40’s.

It includes this page on the pressure cooker:

I had no idea that the lip under which the top fits, also acts to direct the contents to either side for pouring, a neat feature.  I’ve since found this information in the Know Your Pressure Cooker brochure, but, interestingly, it isn’t in the pressure cooker manual.


Ask RevereWareParts – copper bottom piece with rounded metal handles

We often get asked for help identifying cookware.  Today’s question comes from Joe, who writes:

Good Evening. I’ve searched and could not get an identification on this piece of cookware. I’ve looked at your website and the internet and have not been able to find this line of Revere Ware. The majority of pieces I’ve seen have plastic handles. Any insight to this line with rounded metal handles? Thank you so much for your time.

The best resource for identifying cookware is the photo guide.   Joe has what appears to be the Restaurant Ware style from the 1980’s.  There is a blurb in our Photo Guide on this:




The Revere Ware name still pulls people in

I’ve always wondered by our Google advertising cost per click continues to go up over time.  We are the only ones that sell Revere Ware replacement parts, so you would think there isn’t much competition.  But while Revere Ware is no longer sold, the brand still does hold cache at seems, as plenty of large retailers draw people in with the Revere Ware name.  Take this search result for Bed Bath & Beyond:

When you actually go to the page, this is what you see.

None of that is Revere Ware of course.  But perhaps enough people still show interest in the brand that retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond know that some people will come to see if there is actually any for sale, and perhaps end up buying something else.