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Most Interesting Revere Ware Memorabilia Yet

A few weeks ago I came across an interesting piece of Revere Ware memorabilia, a record from 1942/1943 that was apparently intended to be played at Revere Ware sales meetings and contains a song titled “Your Kitchen’s Bright,” which boldly praises Revere Ware’s advantages. I won’t bore you with the details of converting the 78 RPM record (when did record players stop supporting 78’s) and adding video of the record spinning to make it suitable for YouTube. You can find a short version below, and a long version here.


Discovering New Things About Old Revere Ware

As we continue to search for instructions for vintage Revere Ware pieces, I am often surprised at the helpful information we find in them. For instance, who knew that the small handle on the Revere Ware poacher egg trays were specifically made to be picked up with a fork?


New Parts in the Works

We have just begun the process or getting a slew of new parts made, including the smallest vintage two-screw pan handle and handles for newer pots that are held on with a single rivet or screw through the metal spline (see below). Finally, we are investigating the feasibility of producing gaskets for the 1574 and 1576 4 and 6 quart pressure cookers.

New parts


Extreme Revere Ware Repair

I’ve never seen a Revere Ware pot damaged as badly as the one in this YouTube video:

The pot in question is a newer pot, with a thinner copper layer; I am shocked that he didn’t go through the copper layer into the stainless steel with all his grinding.

He goes further to demonstrate cleaning Revere Ware with Cameo copper cleaner and Cameo stainless steel cleaner.

I haven’t tried Cameo cleaners but I sure am going to.


More Ebay Trends

I’ve been reporting on the trend of Revere Ware products listed on Ebay for some time, and the trend has been slowly rising, meaning more and more Revere Ware cookware is listed on Ebay. The holidays showed in interesting phenomenon.

Ebay count

The large dip just before the holidays could mean a couple of things. Perhaps people were snapping up Revere Ware via buy-it-now or regular auctions (less relists) or perhaps people took a break from listing their cookware because they were otherwise consumed with the holidays.

Post-holidays, the upward trend in listings seems to have resumed. Perhaps the availability of replacement parts (from us) has made Revere Ware more valuable so more people are listing their old cookware. 🙂


Cast Iron

In addition to our very complete set of Revere Ware, we frequently use cast iron pans for cooking. Here is a quickie tutorial on how to resurrect an old rusty cast iron pan by removing the rust and then seasoning the pan.


People Sure Love Their Revere Ware

This picture from an auction on Ebay shows just what lengths some people will go through to keep using their Revere Ware, even in the absence of replacement parts. And this just happens to be one of the types of handles we sell. 🙂


Proper Cooking Temperature

While scrubbing the inside of my Revere Ware skillets with a green scrubbing pad doesn’t worry me too much, it can be a pain. The best way to avoid this is to find the best temperature for cooking food without it sticking to the pan, handily outlined in this pan preheating tutorial.