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Lid knobs with stripped threads

Over the years Revere Ware used different thread inserts for the lid knobs, including aluminum and brass.  But at some point they also skipped the nut insert and use molded the threads into the Bakelite itself.  Reader Jessica contacted us with one of these.

As you might imagine, Bakelite isn’t nearly as durable as metal threads.  But hey, they will never rust. 🙂

The symptom of course is that the threads will strip eventually, and the knob won’t stay on.  You can replace it with a new one (from us of course), but there is a chance you can repair it.  You can try using some high temperature Teflon tape to allow the knob to screw on tighter, or, if that doesn’t work and you are desperate, some high temperature JB Weld.  However, the JB Weld solution will likely be a permanent one, as you may never be able to unscrew the knob again, and trying to do so might snap off the lid screw.

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