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When a package says delivered but isn’t

Have you ever gotten notice that a package has been delivered but you can’t find it?  There are a number of reasons why this might be the case, based on our experience.

  • Last-mile carriers sometimes mark packages delivered when they aren’t

This has happened to us personally as well as some customers.  I suspect what is going on is that the delivery person is under pressure to meet their delivery quota, and often this means them working very late; we’ve gotten packages at late as 9 pm some days.  So they mark a package as delivered and plan to drop it off when they are back in the neighborhood the next day.  Sometimes waiting a day solves mis-delivery problems.

  • The carrier delivers it to the correct street address on the wrong street

One day we got this delivered to our driveway

Those are all tennis balls.  I thought my wife had mistakenly ordered 12 cases of balls instead of 12 balls.  Turns out the tennis coach for the local high school lives at the same address on street over.

We also frequently get packages and mail for our next door neighbors.  Sometimes carriers just miss things.

  • Are you sure you gave the correct address?

On occasion when a customer contact us with a report of not having received their package despite tracking saying it was delivered, we find that the address was not entered correctly.  Perhaps the house number has two digits transposed (I’ve been known to do that) or apartment number was left off.  It is always helpful to go back to your order confirmation and verify the address.

  • Did the carrier put it somewhere you didn’t expect?

We’ve had packages left in the most unexpected of places.  I’ve scoured my yard and porches, called Fedex repeatedly, etc., only to discover the package some time later where I didn’t expect it to be and forgot to look.  For some strange reason, sometimes carriers make an oddball decision about what is the safest place for a package.

The point of all this is that there are many things unrelated to us that could be the cause of your package showing delivered but you don’t have it.  Do a little due diligence before you send us an email demanding we locate your package.  If it is truly lost, we are happy to send another, after verifying your address. 🙂

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