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Lost and lots of Revere Ware on eBay!

Our site that takes all the listings from eBay and classifies them to help you easily find anything Revere Ware related, is a labor of love and often requires coaxing to work properly.  Slight changes to the HTML structure of the eBay listing pages can break things.   Over the years we’ve had several occasions where the count we show on the home page broke and we weren’t collecting the total number of listings for a matter of weeks or months.

But despite the occasional inaccuracies, the overall trend is clear, especially as of late.

The climb in total Revere Ware related listings has been astounding, more than doubling to 8500 since October of last year.

Now more than ever, you can probably find what you are looking for Revere Ware-wise on eBay.


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