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Revere Ware Neptune line

Sometimes people contact us with a question but mistype their email address, so they never get the answer. This happened recently with Reader Tina’s question about her mother’s Revere Ware set.  Hopefully she finds the answer here.  She asks:

I am still using my mom’s copper bottom pans. They have Pictures of seahorses on the handles. I am interested in knowing how popular these were and what is the oldest known pans still in use today. Mine have been well used and loved. Most of the pictures are worn off. The knob came off the top of one of them a few years ago but other than that they still do what they were made for! I don’t know how long my mom had them but i would say this is a testimony to the quality!
You have the Neptune line, produced from 1967 through 1970.  Here is the blurb on that from our Photo Guide:

Given the limited production, I don’t believe there were huge numbers of them sold.  As a relative comparison, if I search “Revere Neptune” on eBay, I get 24 results, vs about 8,000 for ‘Revere Ware”, most of which is the iconic copper bottom stuff that was first produced in 1939 and produced through 2018, when it was discontinued.

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