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Revere Ware is dead, part 2

We’ve reported previously on the abandonment of the Revere Ware brand in 2018 by the new owners Corelle Inc.  Today we discovered it goes further than just discontinuing the production and sales of the product.

We received an email from that one of our listings was closed due to a suspected trademark violation.

We have removed ASINs that can be found in the Suspected Intellectual Property Violations tab of your Account Health, under the Reason “Potential Trademark Text Misuse”.

That made me look to see what trademarks actually exist for Revere Ware, and I found this:

Wow, all trademarks are dead.  That is actually surprising, as it says that no-one actually sees any remaining value in the Revere Ware brand.

Many of them were cancelled in 2002, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2016, and the last one was dropped in 2019.  Seems like the brand has been dying for some time.

The issue with appears to be them thinking we don’t have the right to sell under the brand

The brand mentioned in the product detail page of the ASIN B001U2E1DY seems to be incorrect.

Hmm.  Well hopefully this page placed on our website is proof enough to them that we own the brand.

Update: Turns out what they objected to was this product listing title:

Revere Ware Pan/skillet 2-screw Handle Replacement Hardware Set (Med, Lg, X-lg Handles) (Two Sets)

They claim that Lg (which is shorthand for Large) infringes on the brand LG.  Just how to you respond to that kind of silliness?


2 Responses to Revere Ware is dead, part 2

  1. Nathan Hampton October 2, 2021 at 11:04 pm #

    Well … if the trademarks are listed as “dead”, that also means that they’re available. Have you considered assuming control of them? Think of the benefits of being able to sell your products as “official” or “genuine” replacement parts. Yes, that last sentence is a joke … mostly. At this point, you’re the closest thing anyone’s ever going to get — and Amazon wouldn’t be able to accuse you of trademark infringement.

    • RevereWareParts October 3, 2021 at 1:33 pm #

      It seems that the company still maintains trademarks on the word “Revere” so that muddies the water a bit. Otherwise I would agree with you.

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