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People Sure Love Their Revere Ware

This picture from an auction on Ebay shows just what lengths some people will go through to keep using their Revere Ware, even in the absence of replacement parts. And this just happens to be one of the types of handles we sell. 🙂


Proper Cooking Temperature

While scrubbing the inside of my Revere Ware skillets with a green scrubbing pad doesn’t worry me too much, it can be a pain. The best way to avoid this is to find the best temperature for cooking food without it sticking to the pan, handily outlined in this pan preheating tutorial.


The Revere Ware Community

We sell a fair amount of our parts through our website and Ebay, so Revere Ware fans are clearly online, but how Internet savvy are they?

Sadly, not that Internet savvy. Seems nobody is talking about Revere Ware on Twitter and Facebook has a sum total of zero groups related to Revere Ware.


Ebay Trends

Since I first reported the trends I’ve been following of Revere Ware items for sale on Ebay, the trend has changed from flat to clearly rising. Since we don’t have multiple years of data to look at (yet), it is impossible to speculate whether this is a yearly cyclical trend or a general upward trend.

Ebay history


Repairing Lids

If you have a lid that the screw stud has broken off of (which can happen if it rusts), we’ve added some simple directions for repairing the lids and adding a screw. Revere Ware lid knobs use an 8-32 machine screw thread.

Broken knob stud


Revere Ware Trends

The graph below represents the frequency of searches for “revere ware” on Google over about the last three years.

Google Trends

There is definitely a serious bump in searches for Revere Ware around the holidays; I am looking forward to seeing what that does to our sales. But the main point is that the frequency in searches for Revere Ware appears to be slowly dropping over time. This means that it is more important than ever to preserve the Revere Ware heritage and history, such as what we do here in making old manuals and other useful Revere Ware information available to anyone that might be looking for it.

But the other point we might infer from this graph is that less people are searching for Revere Ware information because that information is harder and harder to find. Our sales continue to grow at about 20-30% a months I am convinced because more people are able to find us, not because more people are interested in replacement parts. This is where we ask for your help. The majority of our traffic comes from blogs and other discussions where people are discussing Revere Ware, and someone posts a link to our site. You can help people find not only the useful information we provide but the parts we sell by linking to our site wherever you can.


Revere Ware on Ebay

Undoubtedly the best places to find vintage Revere Ware are your local thrift stores and Ebay. Curious a few months back, I wanted to see how the supply of Revere Ware on Ebay fluctuates over time, so I created an automated program to determine the number of Ebay auctions for “revere ware.” As you can see form the results below, the supply of Revere Ware on Ebay has stayed pretty much the same over the last 4 months



Vintage vs Newer Revere Ware

Are recent Craigslist ad for a set of Revere Ware is a perfect example of the difference between the vintage era Revere Ware (1939-1968) and the newer Revere Ware. The ad claims “6 qt. Dutch oven is the only piece that is NOT copper clad. It too is a later piece.”

Non vintage pot

Note the newer style handles. This is clearly a post-1968 pot.  I’m not sure if Revere Ware maid stainless only pieces exactly like this but I suspect what happened is the thin copper layer of the inferior process used after 1968 has worn off over time. Something that can wear off from simply care means the copper layer is so thin it isn’t doing what it is supposed to – spreading the heat to avoid burns.