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Vintage vs Newer Revere Ware

Are recent Craigslist ad for a set of Revere Ware is a perfect example of the difference between the vintage era Revere Ware (1939-1968) and the newer Revere Ware. The ad claims “6 qt. Dutch oven is the only piece that is NOT copper clad. It too is a later piece.”

Non vintage pot

Note the newer style handles. This is clearly a post-1968 pot.  I’m not sure if Revere Ware maid stainless only pieces exactly like this but I suspect what happened is the thin copper layer of the inferior process used after 1968 has worn off over time. Something that can wear off from simply care means the copper layer is so thin it isn’t doing what it is supposed to – spreading the heat to avoid burns.

One Response to Vintage vs Newer Revere Ware

  1. Ralph August 26, 2011 at 6:23 am #

    Yes they did make stainless only. I have a set with a iron bottom clad in stainless I bought in the late 70’s Best pots and pans I have ever bought. The new stuff is junk. I looked at my pot and it has the same handle as the one in the picture.
    NO copper cladding to wear away. The iron clad does a better job of distributing the heat than my copper clad pans,

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