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1574+1576 4+6 Quart Pressure Cookers

Pressure cooker

These pressure cookers were produced in the 1970’s and possibly later and were made in 4 quart (model 1574) and 6 quart (model 1576) varieties.

Some or all of them have the numbers 602p on the bottom, which is not the model number.

Original parts are not available from Revere Ware to the best of our knowledge.

Instruction Manual

1574-1576 Pressure Cooker Manual

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We sell gaskets for both models, the 1574 here and the 1576 here.

Over pressure plug

Over pressure plug

The over pressure plug on this model is rubber. The manual recommends replacing the plug whenever it is activated (blown out) by too much pressure.

We’ve heard reports that Presto part # 09915, an over pressure plugs for Presto pressure cookers works well in the 1574 & 1576 Revere pressure cookers, although we haven’t tried out out ourselves.

Presto 09915
(Presto 09915)

Gasket care

Unfortunately, none of the Revere Ware pressure cooker manuals discuss the care of gaskets to prolong their life, something that is very important as replacements for some models are hard to find.

From our own experience, we recommend against putting any part of Revere Ware cookware that contains Bakelite or any type of gasket material (like the over pressure plug) in the dish washer.  Dish washing detergent and the high heat of most modern dishwashers are hard on these materials.

For thorough information in gaskets, their care, long term storage, and prolonging their life, check out the gasket page at or here if that page is not available.

Pressure Control Knob

Pressure control knob

This pressure cooker uses a weight shaped like a standard Revere Ware knob to regulate the pressure.  If you happen to lose this, replacements are not available as far as we know.  You might try making your own and all the information you will need is here.