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Revere Ware Trends

The graph below represents the frequency of searches for “revere ware” on Google over about the last three years.

Google Trends

There is definitely a serious bump in searches for Revere Ware around the holidays; I am looking forward to seeing what that does to our sales. But the main point is that the frequency in searches for Revere Ware appears to be slowly dropping over time. This means that it is more important than ever to preserve the Revere Ware heritage and history, such as what we do here in making old manuals and other useful Revere Ware information available to anyone that might be looking for it.

But the other point we might infer from this graph is that less people are searching for Revere Ware information because that information is harder and harder to find. Our sales continue to grow at about 20-30% a months I am convinced because more people are able to find us, not because more people are interested in replacement parts. This is where we ask for your help. The majority of our traffic comes from blogs and other discussions where people are discussing Revere Ware, and someone posts a link to our site. You can help people find not only the useful information we provide but the parts we sell by linking to our site wherever you can.

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