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The USPS has done great this holiday season

I am happy to report that we haven’t had a single lost or detoured package over the last two months.  And by all indications, the delivery times are pretty close to the revised 3-5 day window for first class mail.  Compared to the 2020 holiday season, 2021 shipping with the USPS went really well.

I don’t track UPS and Fedex as closely, because we rarely ship using any service other then that USPS.  But I can tell you that for the last couple of months, we’ve personally experienced a lot of delays with orders from Amazon; perhaps as much as 25% of our orders haven’t made their expected delivery day, and we’ve had a few that were very significantly delayed, and two that never showed up.  Compared to Amazon, the USPS comes out very much smelling like roses.

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