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Revere Ware and warranty

We’ve mentioned this a number of times on our site and in our blog posts, but since we continue to get regular warranty requests, it bears mentioning again.

We aren’t the company that made your Revere Ware cookware.  Since the 1980’s the Revere Ware brand has bounced around considerably, and has at times rested with this and that corporate owner.  In the late 90’s it became World Kitchen, LLC, which generally honored the warranty and would at times offer replacement cookware for pieces that were under warranty and had failed in some way.  At that time they switched from offering a lifetime warranty to a 25 year warranty.  You can find out more about the Revere Ware company history here.

Sometime in the 80’s they stopped offering any replacement parts.

In 2018 the brand once again underwent a sale, and is now owned by Corelle Inc.  They stopped producing new cookware under the Revere Ware brand in 2018, at which time they also stopped offering any warranty support.  So unfortunately, there is now no more warranty support at all for Revere Ware. 

We aren’t them.  We started producing and selling Revere Ware replacement parts in 2009, out of love for the cookware.  We aren’t related to the any of the various owners of the Revere Ware brand, and are a separate company.

If you are looking for warranty support for Revere Ware, you are out of luck.  We provide a good selection of replacement parts to help you get your cookware in good operating order again, and a lot of helpful Revere Ware related materials, and we are happy to try to answer just about any question you might have about Revere Ware.

But we can’t replace your broken cookware or provide you with free replacement parts.

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