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A lot of interesting replacement parts on eBay recently

I’ve seen an inordinate amount of hard-to-find replacement parts on eBay recently.

Percolator parts

A customer contacted us looking for the spreader for the percolator basket.  In the past I’ve seen complete baskets and stem sets on a couple of occasions but that’s about it.  This week there were two or three of that particular part available.   In fact, on seller was selling all the parts of a percolator.

Older handles

There have been quite a few of the older handles used in the first few years of Revere Ware (for example here and here and here).

3 1/2 quart kettle handle

These come up from time to time and there is now.

Original glass percolator knobs

While we sell a suitable replacement, for those looking for the completely original look, there are a bunch of these (here, here, here, and here) on eBay right now.

Pressure cooker handles

These are probably off a used units.  For those looking for replacement Bakelite for the 4 quart pressure cooker, there are two sets available right now (one, two).

4 qt pressure cooker over pressure plug

Unless you steal one from another working pressure cooker, these are unobtanium.  But there is one (appears used) for sale on eBay.

The point is, if you keep looking, you can probably eventually find what you need for your Revere Ware on eBay.



Revere Ware roaster

I came across this on eBay recently and I just love the utility of it.

With deep straight sides and a dome lid, it is seems pretty useful.  I wish they made these in the vintage era.


2020: It was a great year for Revere Ware!

Looking at the graph of Google searches for the term “Revere Ware” since 2004, you might think interest in the brand is dying a slow death.

But look at the bump on the far right.

Clearly, overall interest in Revere Ware has bottomed out and is now going up again.  Impressions for the ad keywords we use on Google Adwords tells an even more encouraging story.

According to the number of impressions, which tracks a wider variety of Revere Ware related searches, interest bottomed out in 2012 and has gone up significantly since then.  As another data point, here are the eBay listings graph from our site that categorizes eBay Revere Ware auctions.

That goes back to 2009, and the number of listed items has continually gone up, with a huge bump this year.  Then there are our sales over the last year.

All I can say is wow!  Every month since April has far outperformed prior years, and December was our largest sales month since we started selling replacement parts in 2009.  The graph of total revenue per year shows the year over year bump a little clearer.

Our sales have climbed continuously since we started selling parts. The Revere Ware brand may be officially dead, but interest in Revere Ware is far from dead, and experienced quite a revival in 2020.


Some orders are seeing a shipping delay

Due to a lost bulk shipment to our fulfillment contractor, our lid knobs went out of stuck in Late December unbeknownst to us.  We discovered it last week as we noticed that some orders from late December and forward had not been shipped.  We worked quickly last week to get more stock to our contractor’s warehouse.  The stuck orders should start shipping soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience for anyone affected by this.

Update 1/11/20 : All stuck orders have been shipped and everything is back to normal


I love a good Revere Ware mystery

A reader requested our help in identifying a Revere Ware item – a set of pans that had no handle.

My wife just found a set of three skillets that have no handles. Might you know what this product was used for and when was it in use?

This isn’t the first time someone has asked this question.  I would have assumed these were pans that lost their handles, but they don’t show any signs that a handle was ever attached.

A little internet searching however turned up a more plausible answer.

We drove a few hours away from our house to a attend a town wide sale which had several estate sales that day also. This was near Rome New York. I asked about these Revere ware pans because they were different from others I have seen. I was told that Rome, NY had a Revere Ware factory and pans that had any factory defects were often taken home by a worker and given to family and friends. Flaws many times were very minor, sometimes the stamp on the bottom of the pan was missing (These pans have no stamp on bottom). There are no handles either and there is not a place for one. Many times these pans were used in the oven, so they didn’t care if it had a handle. So these Revere Ware pans are a rare find, normally found in the towns and surrounding areas that had a Revere ware factory.





Merry Christmas and Happy Revere Ware

This month seems likely to be, like most of this year, a record setting one for us.  People appear to have really hunkered down and gotten in to home cooking if our sales of our Revere Ware replacement parts are any indication.

Just a reminder that if you are shopping with us for a present for a loved one, and hope to have it under the tree by Christmas, place your order ASAP, as Christmas is getting close and the USPS isn’t getting any faster.

Happy Holidays!