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Get a square skillet

The Revere Ware square skillet is one of the most iconic pieces they ever made in the vintage period.  Nothing exemplifies this more than this ad (a framed copy of which is hanging in our kitchen.)

They aren’t common and they aren’t inexpensive.  But if you are a serious collector, it is a must have item.

There are a couple of them on eBay right now with lids that should polish up nice; they are from the same seller in fact. (Click on the images below for the eBay links.)



The most common question we get – lid knob won’t fit screw

I’d venture a guess that a quarter of all questions we get are about this issue.  Probably untold more people return lid knobs (mostly on Amazon) because they think they got the wrong one. Take a look at these pictures that accompanied recent emails.

The questions are typically:

  • The replacement knob that I recently ordered X000W1KUXZ does not fit on my pot lid. As illustrated in the pictures attached the screw is much larger.
  • I recently purchased this knob to replace one that broke from my parents’ set from 1960 only to discover that the stem for the knob is larger and does not have threads!  Does any such replacement exist?
  • Problem is the hole in the knob is too small for my screw that is on my lid!  I am hoping you can help find the right one?

What you see in the above pictures is the nut insert from the old knob that has stuck to the lid screw.  The corrosion on the nut insert and the state of the old knob is a pretty good indicator why; the disparate metals (typically aluminum and stainless steel) and the moisture trapped under the knob promotes corrosion which bind the screw and nut together, as the Bakelite in the knob corrode around it from years of use, and probably cleaning in the dishwasher.

The solution is to try and unscrew the nut from the screw with a pair of pliers.  Most of the time this is successful.  Some of the time the corrosion is bad enough that the screw will break off.  If that happens, you can drill a hole and use a separate screw, as we’ve outlined here.

Hopefully this new post, and the addition of the most recent posts to our home page will help more people find this information.



Revere Ware brand acquired by Full Sail IP Partners

The Revere Ware brand has been acquired from Instant Brands by Full Sail IP Partners, an intellectual property firm. They say:
Revere Ware is a classic American brand with a strong heritage of quality and innovation. We believe Revere Ware has the potential to be a leading player in the cookware market once again and are confident that Full Sail IP Partners is the right partner to help Revere Ware achieve its full potential.
Sounds promising They also say:
Full Sail IP Partners plans to build the Revere Ware brand and expand its product line at retail by cultivating strategic licensing partnerships not only in cookware but also in other complementary areas such as bakeware, flatware, dinnerware, kitchen gadgets and others that align with Revere Ware’s brand equity. The company also plans to launch a new website and social media presence for the brand.

The Revere Ware name was milked for all its brand value for several decades before the cookware was discontinued in 2018, so color me skeptical that this won’t turn out to be more of that.  But on the other hand, I welcome anything that keeps the brand going.

I searched the Instant Brands bankruptcy for information on the sale of the Revere Ware brand, but was unable to find anything.  It appears they sold substantially all of the cookware products division assets in late September / early October to a holding company set up to purchase the assets.  I’m guessing that this holding company has sold off the Revere Ware brand rights to Full Sail OP Partners.


Credit card ordering glitch 11/9/23 (fixed)

Looks like starting last night the setup with our merchant processor got messed up and credit card charges started failing.  We called them today and they said “It is a known issue.  Let me fix it, run some test transactions, and call you back” so I expect it will be fixed shortly.

Update: it is fixed now


Best of RevereWareParts blog – Using eBay searches to find rare items or get a deal

This post from January of 2018 is a good one as it outlines the value and mechanics of saves eBay searches.

I’ve got about 50 saves eBay searches personally.  For some rare collectible items, I’ve waited years to find what I was looking for.

I highly recommend using eBay saves searches to locate those hard-to-find items, or to wait for the deal of the century on more common items.


Small website ordering glitch

Due to a software upgrade, our order system wasn’t able to calculate shipping costs for 36 hours until the problem was discovered.

If you tried to place an order this last Sunday or Monday Monday, please try again, it is fixed now.


According to Buzzfeed, 30 years ago, everyone had Revere Ware in their kitchen

In this article from Buzzfeed lists “55 Things Literally Everyone Used To Have In Their Home 30 Years Ago That I Can Guarantee NO ONE Has Anymore”

Obviously the clickbait title is a little extreme.  And they missed the timeline on Revere Ware by a decade or two.  30 years ago, 1993, Revere Ware had already gone through two bankruptcies and was producing shoddy cookware in Korea and then China; they had long since lost their title as the cookware everyone wanted.

50 year ago, maybe …

Interestingly, many of the other items look far better suited to the 70’s than the 90’s.  Perhaps to the 20-something blogger that wrote the article, the 90’s don’t seem that different than the 70’s. 🙂


New old stock skillet egg poacher

You won’t find a better deal than this on a new old stock (an old item that has never been used) skillet with egg poacher inserts.  And it is a vintage era item to boot, with the thicker copper and stainless steel of the era.  Get it while you can!


Fun with AI

I decided to try out the new Microsoft Bing Image Creator to try and create some Revere Ware related images.

revere ware copper bottom pan on a stove cooking eggs

Revere Ware images much not be a very big part of it’s training model. I love in particular the double long handled pan (looks useful if not easy to bump into one of the handles) and the pan with the logo on the inside.

revere ware copper bottom tea kettle pouring hot water into a mug

Again, doesn’t seem to really know what Revere Ware looks like.  It thinks it can throw the name on a kettle and it becomes Revere Ware.  It perhaps does at least know that Revere Ware is a historical brand, as the style of the kettles is not at all modern.

revere ware stainless steel with copper bottom tea kettle with bakelite handles pouring hot water into a mug

Absolutely no better.  🙂