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According to Buzzfeed, 30 years ago, everyone had Revere Ware in their kitchen

In this article from Buzzfeed lists “55 Things Literally Everyone Used To Have In Their Home 30 Years Ago That I Can Guarantee NO ONE Has Anymore”

Obviously the clickbait title is a little extreme.  And they missed the timeline on Revere Ware by a decade or two.  30 years ago, 1993, Revere Ware had already gone through two bankruptcies and was producing shoddy cookware in Korea and then China; they had long since lost their title as the cookware everyone wanted.

50 year ago, maybe …

Interestingly, many of the other items look far better suited to the 70’s than the 90’s.  Perhaps to the 20-something blogger that wrote the article, the 90’s don’t seem that different than the 70’s. 🙂

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