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Using eBay saved searches to find rare items or get a deal

Some Revere Ware piece are very rare.  For example, the square skillets.

As you can see, they are expensive and there aren’t that many listed.  What I do when I am looking for something on eBay that is expensive, and I want to find a deal, or is very rarely listed, is to save a search, such that I get notified by email whenever new items appear.  Notice the Save this search link at the top of the search results.

Once you click the link, you get a confirmation, and are automatically subscribed to emails when new listings are added that match your search.

When are looking for a long item, sometimes it takes playing the long game, being willing to wait as long as it takes to get what you want, at the price you want.  I’ve gotten some great deals on all kids of stuff this way, as long as I’m not in a hurry to get them.

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