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We are pretty clear on our website and on that our knobs don’t come with screws:

And yet the most often complaints we receive are along the lines of “Why isn’t a screw included with the lid knobs? or “My lid knob came missing the screw.”  And people get angry about this.

Any Revere Ware aficionado knows that the classic copper bottom Revere Ware lids have a screw welded to them.  For us to include a screw along with our knobs, for the 1% or less of people whose screw has rusted and fallen off, or they are trying to use our knobs with something other than Revere Ware would simply be a waste, and would have added unnecessary cost to the production cost of the knobs.  We’ve been accused of being cheap and have been called names for not including a screw.  🙁

If you do need a screw or your lid screw has come off, we have some simple instructions for fixing this which includes the specifications for the type and length of screw you will need, which you should be able to get at any hardware store.

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