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Why don’t your lid knobs come with screws?

Revere Ware lids, as far as we know, have always had a screw permanently attached to the lid, making a separate screw unnecessary, and thus providing a screw with our knobs would be a waste for almost all of our customers.

We do occasionally get inquiries from puzzled customers wondering why our knobs don’t come with a screw. I suspect that there are either attempting to use our knobs on a non-Revere Ware lid, or, at some point the screw attached to the lid came off and someone modified the lid to work with an external screw. This does happen when the metal insert in a knob rusts to the screw and twisting it off with some force will break the screw off of the lid. If this happens to you, we have a tutorial on how to fix this.

If you need a screw to go along with you knob, you can pick up an 8/32 screw at any hardware store, best in brass or stainless steel. Look for one that has threads between .25 and .35 inches long. If you can’t find one in the proper length, you’ll need to cut it down to size.

Posted in: Replacement parts