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Where can I purchase a Revere Ware replacement cover/lid?

World Kitchen, which sells Revere Ware branded cookware, has a very small variety of cookware available for sale these days.  If you are looking to add to your Revere Ware collection or replace a missing or damaged piece, you might have difficulty finding a suitable piece at World Kitchen.  For example, they only sell 10 and 12 inch covers and covers for 2/3 quart pots.  Two of the three are out of stock as of this writing.

The best places to find Revere Ware covers/lids (used) are your local thrift store and Ebay.

To help people find exactly what they are looking for on Ebay, we created a site that categorizes all Revere Ware auctions on Ebay, and you can find lids here.

Posted in: Replacement or new cookware