Top Menu is now mobile friendly

In 2010, we created to make it easier for people to find Revere Ware cookware on eBay.  The site downloads and categorizes all Revere Ware listings on eBay every 30 minutes, making it easier to find the exact item and size you need.

In 2013, we updated the site to be prettier and work better.

Since then, mobile devices have become much more prevalent and our site didn’t work particularly well on smaller screens.

We are happy to announce a complete overhaul of the site which is now, in the language of web technology, fully responsive. This means that it will display well no matter what size screen you are using.  Here are some screen shots of the new design.  You can find the site here.

Desktop layout

Mobile layout

The site has a handy grid view as well, in addition to the default list view.

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