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Best of our Blog – Revere Ware Creativity

I’ve been posting on the RevereWareParts blog since March of 2009; there is a ton of good stuff there.  I thought it might be interesting to wade through it and pull out some of the more notable posts.

Today’s blast from the past comes all the way back from July 2009, and has to do with creativity in solving problems with broken Revere Ware – Revere Ware Creativity.  While our new parts help a lot in bringing old Revere Ware back to life, we don’t sell everything you might need.  For the stuff we don’t sell, you have to find a solution, whether it is buying another identical piece to use as a donor for parts, gluing things back together with high temperature epoxy, or modifying new handles to fit older pots.

Or, you could do what Martin did, and make your own handle out of wood.

Customer Martin was frustrated that he couldn’t find a replacement handle for his pot so he made one out of wood.

“Attached find the picture of my 3/4 quart pot with the replacement handle that I fabricated out of a 3/4″ piece of oak. I traced the shape from the old handle and cut and sanded it to the same shape. I then primed and painted it with black gloss paint. Other than the bolt that shows, it looks and handles just like the original oneWood handle pot

Wood handle

Pretty creative.  Wood is a pretty good insulator, and painted with a high temperature spray paint, it probably does a fine job.


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