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Older Handles

Older Revere Ware Handle Styles

Most of the vintage era Revere Ware pan handles (which we sell here) have one screw at either end of the handle; the handle fits entirely over a metal spine which is attached to the cookware.

Newer handle Newer handle spine

The original Revere Ware handles were slightly different and had two screws at the end closest to the cookware, and a third screw in the hole where the hanging hook attaches. The spine fore these handles, rather than being hidden inside the handle halves, extended out to the same profile as the bakelite part of the handle, an attractive feature.

Older handle Older handle spine

Unfortunately, these handles are not available from Revere Ware or us. They do occasionally, but not often, turn up on eBay. It is possible to adapt the newer style handle to the older style spine, and the results are not altogether unsatisfactory. If you have no other option, this may be an acceptable solution.

What follows is an example of replacing the older style handle with a newer style one, for our medium-sized handle (VPAH-M). For other sizes, the measurements of our handles are shown on the detail page for each of our parts. As shown below, the two handles are pretty similar, but not exactly the same shape.

Older and newer


Step 1: Clamp

The first step is to lay each half of the new handle over the older spine, in the position that looks best. Then clamp the halves onto the spine with some spring clamps.


Step 2: Mark the holes

Using a sharpie or any pen that will fit into the handle holes AND leave a mark on the metal, mark the holes on one side of the handle.


Step 3: Drillbit

Use a 3/16″ drillbit for drilling the holes out. This is just large enough for the Revere Ware nut to slip through.


Step 4: Drill

Drill out each hole using drill press or portable drill. (Note that if you do manage to find an exact replacement handle for your cookware, these holes you are drilling will be covered up by the original handles.)


Step 5: Attach

Attach the handle to the spine using a standard Revere Ware hardware set (either your original screws or a replacement hardware set that come with our handles or can be bought separately). Because of the added thickness of the spine between the handles, you may have to leave off the lock washer to get the screw to grab.


Here is what it looks like:

Results 1 Results 2
Results 3 Results 4