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A tip to start out the new year – Magic Eraser sponge vs Melamine sponge

If you like mu Scrub Daddy sponge tip, you’ll love this one.  Magic Eraser sponges are great, and can remove marks from walls and what not; but they aren’t cheap.

While researching how to fix a ceramic non-stick pan that my daughter (for the second time) put on too high of heat and burned in some butter, I found a tip to try a melamine sponge. So I ordered a pack of 48 for $16, or 33 cents each.

After some serious scrubbing with other means, here are some stains on the pan.

Here is after some working with the melamine sponge.

So, back to Magic Eraser sponges; as it turns out, melamine is exactly what Magic Eraser sponges are made from.  Magic Eraser sponges cost around $1.26 each, or 4 times as much as a no-name melamine sponge.  So, save yourself some money and buy plain melamine sponges instead of Magic Eraser sponges.

If you’ve ever used a Magic Eraser sponge, you will know they aren’t quite magic; you have to put some effort into scrubbing, and the sponges wear easily and don’t last long.  Working on these burned in grease stains was no different.  In the end, it did make a difference, after some working.  So I can definitely recommend these sponges for problems like this, both from a cost-effectiveness standpoint, and that they get the job done.

I tried to find a Revere Ware pan that had a similar problem.  However, for stainless steel pans, there are other good tools.  For the inside, a Scotch Brite scrubber does a great job, and for the outside, Bar Keepers Friend works really well (as we recently wrote about) and helps keep the shine.


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