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2 1/3 Quart Tea Kettle Cap & Trigger


Material: Bakelite, stainless steel

Includes: Replacement cap & trigger and necessary hardware

Fits: Revere Ware 2 1/3 quart tea kettles (models 2701, 2901, 2722, and 2712)

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Material: Bakelite, stainless steel

Includes: Trigger, cap, three compression pins, three cotter pins, spring

Fits: These caps and triggers are made specifically for 2 1/3 quart style Revere Ware tea kettles, with historical model numbers of 2701, 2901, 2722, and 2712.  They are not meant for other sized kettles (such as 6-cup, 3-quart, and 3 1/2 quart).

Replaces: We do not have the original Revere Ware part numbers for these replacement parts.


This kit replaces entirely the cap and trigger assembly for the Revere Ware 2 1/3 quart kettle.

Installation & Troubleshooting

See our printed installation instructions for the full description of how to replace the cap and trigger assembly.

See our pictorial guide to replacing Revere Ware kettle parts for a step-by-step guide (coming soon).

We include both compression pins and cotter pins.  You will need one or the other but not both.  In some cases, the compression pins may be too lose and will risk falling out.  If that happens, use the cotter pins.  Note that we include one extra of each (we provide 3; you will only need 2).

Related Information

See our Tea Kettle page for tips on using an cleaning your kettle, and instructions for installing the replacement cap & trigger.

Here is an additional cheat sheet that might help with installation.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

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