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Revere Ware stories – Margaret

We received this note from Margaret in Canada a few weeks ago:

I am a Canadian.  Shortly before my marriage in 1958, I drove to the US in order to buy sheets and Revere Ware.  Sheets were better quality than Canadian, and Revere Ware was not available in Canada.
My Revere Ware pots are still in excellent condition, copper bottoms and all, and I just wanted it put on record how well they have lasted.

Thanks for the note Margaret. I’m not old enough to have bought them, or received them, new.  But I do remember my mother having a set (long gone) and my mother-in-law received a set, which we now have, as a wedding present.  And I own a pretty nice set now, all with new handles and hardware. :).

It is a nice reminder of how important Revere Ware has been in many people’s lives, and why it is important to carry on the tradition today.

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