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Here is an interesting piece currently for sale on eBay, a 10 quart stock pot.

First of all, what a great starting price for a new in box (NIB) item, only $35.  If you are looking for a nice Revere Ware stock pot, I’d jump on this.

What makes this interesting is the confluence of styles.  On the one hand, it has the vintage handles.

On the other hand, it does not have the process patent stamp, which I’ve always seen on this style stock pot (with those handles).

I also don’t believe I’ve ever seen a 10 quart stock pot with those style handles.

My guess is that this is something that was produced around 1968, just when Revere Ware was transitioning from the vintage era to the newer (cheaper) era of cookware.

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  1. Phil September 19, 2018 at 11:55 am #

    Visible in the last picture of the listing, there’s a stamp on the box lid, in the same ink as the postage stamp, that reads “2-28-92” (or 2-28-97). Also i believe that manufactures stamp on the bottom of the pot is very new, compared to the usual pre or post 1968 stamp that is different. If made in the 90’s, it should be dated on the bottom tho. The stamp looks like a knock off of the pre-1946 revere ware i own, similar but not as detailed. Im going to keep my eyes open and try to figure it out. Whatever the year, someone paid over $80 for it, so they liked it. Great site, and thanks!

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