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There is still time to order for Christmas (12/12/22)


Our orders typically ship the next business day from when placed.  I did a little reality check today and look at at some orders shipped in the last couple of weeks to see how long the USPS is taking to deliver packages to various parts of the US.  Our shipments from from Nevada.

NY: 2 days
NJ: 3 days
NC: 2-3 days
GA: 2 days
AZ: 2 days
ID: 3 days
VA: 4 days
ND: 2 days
PA: 3 days
MA: 3 days
MO: 3 days
OR: 2 days
CA: 2 days
NE: 4 days

These are pretty stellar results; anywhere in the us in 2-3 days for the most part.  The USPS is back to the normal First Class shipping time we were blessed with in 2019.  Compare this to 2020 (1-2 weeks for delivery) and 2021 (3-5 days for delivery).

Based on the above results, you can likely order through this weekend for delivery next week before Christmas.

That said, the USPS is famous in the last couple of years for the occasional package taking a wrong turn.  Here is a perishable order I am waiting for.

Caveat emptor.

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