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Stainless steel non-stick seems to be a thing now

A few months ago we wrote about the concept of seasoning stainless steel.  It seems that this idea has become more widespread, which website Epicurious writing about it last year, and now has a big splashy page that instructs on stainless steel seasoning.

They also include this useful cooking tip, which I’ve noticed to be true even with my ceramic non-stick pans:

The best way to avoid sticking when cooking with stainless steel is to thoroughly preheat the pan before adding any ingredients. Preheating will help prevent hot or cold spots on the pan and will allow food to cook more evenly.

For instance, when I cook fried eggs in the morning, adding eggs to the pan before it is up to temperature, or if the cooking temp is too low, will almost always make them stick, even on a non-stick surface.

I’ve gotten so used to using the ceramic non-stick pans for all my non-stick needs, I haven’t yet tried seasoning a stainless steel one myself.

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