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RevereWareParts customer service highlights for the week

We get a lot of requests for help from people that buy from us and people that don’t; we are happy to do what we can for everyone.  Here are some highlights from the week or answering people’s questions.

Mildred was curious on how to restore the shine on the outside of her tea kettle.

Thank you. Very helpful. Bar Keeper’s Friend brought
the sheen back!

—–Original Message—–
From: RevereWareParts Customer Service

Hi Mildred,

See our care guide; there is information there specifically about cleaning the outside of the kettle.


Jeff had a lid with a broken off screw.

You folks are awesome, thanks so much.

From: RevereWareParts Customer Service

Hi Jeff,

See our page on this repair:

On that page you’ll find the specifications for the screw you need. We don’t sell them; you’ll have to
procure one from your local hardware store.


Andrea was inquiring about the Revere Tapster.

Thank you for the information!

From: RevereWareParts Customer Service

Hi Andrea,

This is the only information I currently have on our website about the Tapster:


Eileen needed a new lid.

Thank you so much. I will look into that.


RevereWareParts Customer Service wrote:

Hi Eileen,

Since Revere Ware stopped being produced in 2018 by the latest owners Corelle Inc,
new lids are no longer available. But there is a very robust market for used lids on eBay.
You can find a nice frequently updated and sorted list of Revere Ware lids available there
by size here:


We’ll try to answer any question you have.

2 Responses to RevereWareParts customer service highlights for the week

  1. jeff prendergast January 26, 2022 at 11:07 am #

    I’ve had your one quart saucepot for some time and last year decided to heat up a small amount of food or liquid in it using a microwave. It has a metal rack that can be inserted above the bottom and I’ve used it warm up food in small containers that have some metal in them. I’ve also used it for foil covered containers and it didn’t produce any sparks.

    The trouble with using the saucepot was that the top half of the plastic knob blew off, which is why I ordered a new one. It seems that the metal lid repelled the energy and focused more of it on the plastic?

    • RevereWareParts January 26, 2022 at 12:33 pm #

      Hello Jeff,

      It actually isn’t our saucepot as we aren’t the cookware company. We just sell replacement parts they stopped selling in the 1980’s.

      I’m guessing what happened is that the metal nut insert in the knob that screws onto the screw attached to the lid provided focal point for the microwaves and got really hot. It then heated the Bakelite in its close vicinity which expanded or put off a gas which caused the knob to shoot upward.

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