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Revere Ware find of the week – Revere Ware pan clock

I’ll admit to having purchased one of these a number of years ago (auction link).  I’m not sure of the history of these clocks, whether they were produced by Revere Ware or perhaps just one-off projects by individuals.  This one certainly looks professionally made, with the painted on roman numerals.

Update May 2021

Francine tells us

The clock in your April 2018 post was made in Rome, NY by Mark Ogut. He was, I believe an engineer, who had his own business making clocks from unused Revere frying pans. He also make a tapestry of Rome, NY with its historical sires and Revere on it. If you’d like more information please feel free to contact me. His son is a dear lifelong friend.


2 Responses to Revere Ware find of the week – Revere Ware pan clock

  1. Nancy Finazzo March 19, 2022 at 7:47 am #

    I lived in Rome, NY and when I moved to Florda 45 years ago, my mother gave me her Rever Ware Wall clock and it has been on display in my home forever. Last night it fell from my wall and now the hands won’t remain on the correct time. I am so sad , as it was something I loved looking at each day. Do you know where I could purchase another one or how to repair it?


    • RevereWareParts March 21, 2022 at 6:46 pm #

      You may find one on eBay; that’s were I found mine.

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