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Revere Ware brochure from 1965

We recently came across this Revere Ware brochure from 1965.

It comes folded like this.

We’ve seen things like this included in new Revere Ware that we’ve come across on eBay, still in the box, from the same era, so it seems likely this brochure came with a purchased piece of cookware.

What is interesting, is that it appears to be some kind of order form, showing some sets, and quite a few individual pieces.  Do you think someone could get away with calling a set the “Homemaker” set in this day and age?

Here they are a bit larger.

Wow, look at the Art Deco styling of that beverage server.  I’ll be on the lookout for one of those.


What is interesting is that, there are places to check off what one wants to order, but there are no prices, and no instructions on how to place and order.  I wonder exactly how one used this form?

To consider where this brochure falls in Revere Ware history, this is just 4 years before they changed the design, reducing the thickness of the copper and stainless steel, and made the cookware that much less effective.

Lastly, there is an bit about their cleaners.

The copper cleaner is pretty standard stuff. However, the stainless steel cleaner has me curious, with the statement “Easily removes stubborn discolorations and heat stains …”

If you’ve ever overheated stainless steel, you are probably familiar with the rainbow swirls you can get on the stainless steel, also sometimes called heat tint.  We recommend Bar Keepers Friend for dealing with that, but it isn’t perfect.  I wonder if their stainless steel cleaner was better.


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